Building Neighborhoods,
Enhancing Communities

scend Property Group

Ascend Property Group is a privately held real estate development and asset management firm based in New York City. Since its founding in 2013, Ascend has partnered in the development of over $1 Billion in real estate assets.

Our Experience

Our combined 40+ years in banking, fund management, deal capitalization and development of major real estate projects across all asset classes enables us to leverage structure to impact performance and returns.

Our Approach

Combining our entrepreneurial spirit with a disciplined approach to investment puts us in position to identify opportunities that others miss while maintaining a conservative position. We research, analyze and vet each opportunity utilizing our underwriting, banking and development experience to understand potential upside as well as pitfalls tp maintain an effective risk-reward model.

Hand-Selected Opportunities in Major and Emerging U.S. Markets

We pick the markets, opportunities and projects which we invest in and act as developer or co-developer of each project.

Utilizing a mix of traditional and modern research methods, we gain an appreciation for the market dynamics to identify gaps that, when filled, enhance local neighborhoods and lead to long-term growth.

Working collaboratively with like-minded business partners, we develop properties and projects that meet current and future needs of the market and enhance local neighborhoods.